Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Review

Expect the Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker to be a product that will last for years. Outdoor meat smokers get banged up pretty quickly especially when their owners are absolute lovers of the outdoors. There are many outdoor smokers out there that are pretty durable and this electric smoker is a great option if durability and efficiency are qualities you definitely value in a product.

hollow electric smoker

What’s In Store from the Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

The main advantage of electric smokers over older models like barrel smokers is their ability to maintain and control the cooking temperature. However, this edge is lost due to the unit’s durability. Some electric smoker units will burn out their temperature controls after a year or so – which is also about the time when the warranty runs out.

This is where the Leisure 30168E Electric Smoker makes the biggest difference. This unit can go on for years without burning out its thermostat controls. In fact, this is one of the features of this electric smoker that many customers really appreciate.

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Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Highlights and Features

  • This electric smoker weighs around 23.5 kilograms or about 52 pounds.
  • It measures 31” x 15” x 17”.
  • The unit is outfitted with a couple of handles on the side so people can transport it more conveniently.
  • The entire smoker unit is very easy to assemble. Instructions are included in the package.
  • This smoker has a total of three temperature settings, a couple of cooking grids, and a magnetic door latching system.
  • The wood chip box is made out of painted steel while the water pan is made of steel that is coated with porcelain.

Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Issues and Negatives

  • The interior part of the smoker near the release vent gets bent if you tighten the nuts/bolts too much. Be sure to follow regulations but do not over do it. Have that section tightened enough just to hold it properly in place.
  • There are four screws holding the non slide rack. It would have been much easier to clean that part if it slid out just like the other racks of this electric smoker unit.
  • Some customers have reported that the unit stops smoking or lets out less smoke when they’re cooking meat with lots of fat. This is actually an issue with all tower type smokers and not with this product alone. The grease and fat from the meat drains all the way onto the wood chips thus the unit stops smoking. This can be remedied by placing a single layer of aluminum foil over the wood so that the grease will go around the wood chips instead of going directly onto the wood.